Robin's Last Arrow


Robin Hood was reputedly bled to death by the Prioress of Kirklees, (bleeding being a common enough theraputic measure in those ignorant times). The Prioress (probably though not definitely Elizabeth de Staynton) was supposedly related to Robin in some way and realising that he was the infamous Robin Hood, bled him purposely to death in revenge perhaps for his preying on the clergy


Robin's grave lies some 650 yards from the place where he is said to have shot forth his last arrow, an upper room in Kirklees Priory Gatehouse, which still stands to this day. Modern archers are extremely sceptical about this version of events saying 200 yards would be more acceptable (particularly for a dying man). bleed.jpg (40302 bytes)

Grafton's Chronical tells us the Prioress of Kirklees
...caused him to be buried at the highwayside, where he used to rob and spoyle those who passed that way. And upon his grave the sayde Prioress did lay a very fayre stone, wherein the names of Robert Hood, William of Goldsborough and others were graven. And the cause why she buryed him there was that the common passengers and travillors, knowing and seeyng him there buried, might more safely and without feare take their journeys that way, which they durst not do in the life of the sayd outlaw...

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