The Prince of Robbers

The earliest reference to Robin Hood is in the Vision of Piers Plowman (1377) in which the rhymester says "I do not know my paternoster perfectly but I know rhymes of Robin Hood and Randolph Earl of Chester".

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In 1521 John Major wrote -

About this time (1190) Robert Hude and Little John most famous of outlaws, hid in the woods and only plundered the goods of rich men and never slew any unless they opposed them in defence of their goods. Robert maintained one hundred archers most skilful in battle whom four hundred of the boldest fellows did not dare attack. He never allowed harm to be done to a woman, nor the goods of poor men, but seized the rich oblations of Abbots.

The exploits of this Robin are celebrated in song throughout all Britain. I disprove of the rapine of the man, but he was the most humane and prince of robbers.

Sounds like the start of a legend !