Yorkshire ???

The legend of Robin Hood has been questioned and debated  for many years by historians  and Robin Hood experts. The fallacy that the haunts of Robin Hood are all in Nottinghamshire has been constantly debated  to the detriment of Robin's Yorkshire connections. Most Robin Hood historians now recognise  that Robin may well have been a Yorkshireman who was born in Wakefield,lived in Barnsdale Forest and died at Kirklees Priory where his grave  is  in a derelict and completely  overgrown condition. The ruined priory gatehouse, where he was gruesomely murdered by the wicked prioress,is still in existence also, but unfortunately both sites are on private land and access almost impossible,other than by trespassing ,while any proposals regarding restoration of these unique monuments have come to nothing.

The good news is that access to Robin's Grave at Kirklees has improved--for details contact Hebden Bridge Tourist Centre. Also Barbara's books SECRETS OF THE GRAVE and SPIRIT OF THE GREENWOOD are both published and on sale - see end of the website for details. The video ROBIN HOOD AND THE HOLY GRAIL is nearing completion and Barbara also featured in Making Time TV'S Scream Team programme on Kirklees and the Death of Robin Hood. Barbara was also invited to take part in Bradford Univesity's Robin Hood of Yorkshire programme but this project seems to have ended up on the cutting room floor!

On the darker side there is the shocking news that Kirklees Priory Gatehouse where Robin was murdered by the prioress,is likely to end up as a holiday flat!!! Also Barbara has had a great deal of harassment from certain not so merry men ( and women) in tights and the work of the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society has been described as mumbo jumbo! However, on a happier note there has been many sane, scholarly and super people, both on the web and in person, who have supported the society 's work and kept our spirits up .

The inspiring legend of bold Robin Hood shines through all this modern day feudery and flummery ,and thoughts of Robins battles between dastardly knaves and knights in shining armour have spurred us on to overcome our trials and continue with our quest for the truth.Robin, we are certain, is with us in spirit and to him we doff our caps as we continue on our quest.

Yorkshire Robin Hood Society December 2002

Robin Hood's Grave

Latterly the Yorkshire Robin Hood story has taken a bizarre twist. Stories of paranormal phenomena have been reported,including ghosts,vampires and   secret exorcisms. A book by Barbara Green SECRETS OF THE GRAVE lifts the lid off the story of Robin Hood's death and its amazing twentieth century consequences. One thing which can be said for certain is that the legend will never die.